Texas Reiki Institute


Since 2004 The Texas Reiki Institute has been committed to providing quality training in Gendai Reiki-Ho and providing continued support for our members. Our instructors are located throughout Texas. Classes are designed to be affordable and our shares provided practitioners the opportunity to practice and continue learning while giving the public the opportunity to experience Reiki first hand.

The Texas Reiki Institute was founded with a very specific purpose. This purpose is described in our Statement of Ideals:

  1. Reiki training should be made available to anyone and everyone, regardless of financial ability.
  2. The Texas Reiki Institute is committed to producing quality practitioners and teachers.
  3. Reiki is passed on to others by attunement. However, it is still necessary to practice, train and study to develop strong Reiki and to maintain the spirit of Mr. Usui's teachings.
  4. Western Reiki is focused on "the rapid training of a healer in a weekend seminar." Traditional Japanese Reiki is focused on "detailed training and counseling for the membership." The Texas Reiki Institute follows the Traitional Japanese Reiki ideals on this matter.
  5. In the West, many new methods of Reiki have developed. These should be respected. However, Mr. Usui's Reiki spirit is the focus of the Texas Reiki Institute.
  6. Traditional Reiki has been strictly maintained in the manner developed by Mr. Usui. The Texas Reiki Institute works to carry on the complete method given by Mr. Usui, not just the healing techniques.
  7. The Texas Reiki Institute provides certification to Shoden (Level 1) for everyone. Students who are diligent and dedicated are allowed to take Okuden (Level 2). Shinpiden (Level 3) is for students ready to commit fully to their spiritual development. Gokui Kaiden (Level 4) is reserved for students who wish to teach, pursue the spirit of Reiki as given by Mr. Usui, and can transmit pure Reiki.
  8. The Texas Reiki Institute certifies Practitioners who have completed Okuden in the TRI and who pass the necessary evaulations. The TRI will refer clients to its Certified Practitioners.
  9. The Texas Reiki Institute certifies Shihans (teachers) who have completed Gouki Kaiden and the necessary teacher training. Only these teachers may request TRI published manuals and certificates for students who have become TRI members.
  10. The Texas Reiki Institute is committed to providing shares, classes and continued training for its members.